What is RDGAudio

What is RDGAudio?

How it works?

What it Does?


In this short article we are going to answer the basic FAQ you may ask.

RDGAudio is an excerpt from Refined Digital Group founded by Rudra Ghosh.
It develops sound libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. It develops sound samples.Designs sound samples in various formats. Visit Official website to learn more about Refined Digital Group


RDGAudio is award winning sound designing team for Music production.It is placed in India West bengal. Developing software plugins for vst mostly all DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Master in sound designing for Reveal Sound Spire,Sylenth NI Massive and other various pro vst synthesizers.It has well equipped sound designing studio perfect for Sound recording and audio podcast.Specialized in Film dubbing,Movie dialogue mixing and film scoring. Basically RDGAudio is one stop solution for DJ,Music & Film directors,Artist Bands and for the producers. It's trained engineers care about from pre scoring to mastering of a Song or a Track for TV,Film or Advertisement projects.

REFNID DIGITAL GROUP also provides free Tutorials on Youtube. It teaches Music production secrets,Tips & Tricks.You can get their updated videos once you subscribed to them.More info visit it's Tutorial at http://rdgaudio.com/rdgaudio-tutorials/

It also makes free skins for Nicky Romero kick,Sugar Bytes Cyclop. You can get their free products from there.

Earlier History :

Refined Digital Group is founded in 16th May 2015 by Rudra Ghosh who is anengineer and music director. The RDG Audio declares them as a group instead of a company. According to the rule of third a group always maintains certain promises.The group right now a non profit organization as they are making free tutorials, audio and musical products for peoples.
Near Belur station the group is gathered first time when they decided to make a digital group.Funny but true story given by a passenger of Belur Indian Railway.
That time he was going to office he saw some boys and one girl was talking in bengali. He listened that the guys are about to make a digital group in Belur,West bengal. In this country specially bengali persons depend upon services. Very few persons dare to do their own work. He was really very happy after listening their stories. A very small room 20x14x10 (WxLxH) was the first room given by Kironmoy Ghosh who is uncle of Rudra Ghosh. The house is owned by his mother Dolly (Arunima Ghosh).Her 3 sons decided to make the house a lodge. Their was an electronics shop which was driven by two TV mechanics and 2 shop keepers.After the shop wiped off the room was prepared for RDGAudio. That time 4 friends decided to make a group or an organization.That time they were only 18-22 years old.They first called the group as Artfx. The 4 friends met in an Institute named MAAC India. Biswajyoti Mondal,Urmimala De, Prasun das and Rudra Ghosh was the members. They were student of that institute.They were studying Computer Graphics VFX (Visual effects). Their passion brought them to form a digital group. After one year the group changed their name to Grafix.That time a childhood friend of Rudra Ghosh joined in the group.His name is Arnab Mukherjee.
Inthe year 2015 the group finally changed their name to Refined Digital Group. For audio loving people they made a website named rdgaudio.com. The group is purely for digital purpose whether it is core computer graphics or audio user get perfect choice to improve their technologies.In the year 2016 another group member joined in Refined digital group. Rupak Mukherjee was the man who started digital marketing for that group since the group was not reaching to the world.They were stuck in a box. To out from that box founder Rudra Ghosh introduced Rupak. Right now he is the man on a mission.Handles the core web technologies.Google and other search engine optimization.

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